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This site is dedicated to the thousands of people who, over the last 142 years, have worked for Railways in New Zealand - the Railways Department, Railways Corporation, New Zealand Rail, Tranz Rail, and their heirs and successors.

People who worked "on the Rail" in New Zealand created a vibrant sub-culture, now fast disappearing.  To anyone entering the world of Rail in New Zealand, the vast network of people all seemed to share a sense of community - a sense of themselves as belonging to a distinct group within New Zealand society.

They had their own common language, terminology, set of values, experiences, and memories.

This is an UNOFFICIAL site.  It has no connection with, or sanction, from any other Rail organisation or company, in New Zealand or elsewhere.

Someone has said "A powerful global conversation has begun." and "We are building new communities online using the new tools for our conversations."

The views expressed on the pages of this site are the views of the contributors.  They are the creators of the site, and they reserve the right to moderate and monitor the views expressed herein.

However, if the site survives, it will do so because individual people decide that they have a need which it meets.

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